QT: The Aftermath of Having Slept with the Villain Ch 1 (H)

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QT: The Aftermath of Having Slept with the Villain

Arc 1 Chapter 1 – Villainous Film Emperor (1) (H)

Disclaimer: Themes in this novel do not reflect in any way whatsoever of how the translator and author thinks and views of this world. Some themes may not sit well with all readers, so please read at your own discretion. Please DO NOT in any sort of way IMITATE ANYTHING that is said or done in this novel. Please read with caution as this is a NOVEL.

A man and woman were naked and intertwined.

On the man’s bronze-colored sturdy chest muscles, there were red scratch marks. All the same, on the tender, tofu-like snowy white skin of the woman, there were also traces of the man’s ravaging.


“Uhn…uhn, ahn…”

Low growls were accompanied by soft sighs panting as the slapping of flesh colliding endlessly sounded out. This was the world’s most ancient and most erotic noise to enter the ears, causing the blood to rush through the veins as they were doused with the flames of lust to those who heard this tune.

Suddenly, the woman on the bed, who had been so tired that she was like a dead fish; the woman who only knew to unconsciously moan, opened her eyes.

Brilliant, vibrant lights glistened as they brightened the room.

In the blink of an eye, there was a charm that could captivate and hook souls.

The man did not notice this little change.

He just closed his eyes, accelerating the speed and strength of his thrusts. Then, in a burst of pleasure, akin to a tsunami wave that could overwhelm all rationality, he tightly pinched the woman’s thin waist and pulled away at the last moment.

A full chamber of thick white essence, like milk that was just heated, sprayed out.

Burst after brust, all splashed onto the woman’s flawless naked body.

Xue Xue reached her leg out and kicked the man.

She slowly sat up after making sure that the other party had no response.

Then, she looked at the “seed” that the man had spilled on her with disgust.

Xue Xue decided to wash her body clean first, and then carefully think about what she should do next.

Just as Xue Xue was enjoying her hard-earned leisure time relaxing and soaking comfortably in the jacuzzi, the sound of the system chimed in her mind.

System: “Reminder for the host, Ye Qingchen will wake up in half an hour.”

Xue Xue gave a cold “Oh” sound.

The system that could only exist as an invisible metaphysical existence in Xue Xue’s mind really wanted to make a speechless expression.

System: “Host, aren’t you nervous?”

Xue Xue did not respond to these words, but rather just closed her eyes and allowed the dense bubbles to wrap herself up entirely.

Just as the system thought Xue Xue had fallen asleep, Xue Xue suddenly said to the system. “Pass me the memory.”

System: “…and here I thought you really didn’t care.”

These words said by the system were close to a mutter, but because it was implanted in Xue Xue’s consciousness, Xue Xue naturally ‘heard’ it loud and clear.

“I really don’t care, but if you let me freely express myself while not knowing a single thing, you can’t blame me when this story deviates from the requester’s wishes.”

This was a threat.

An open threat.

System: “Fine. I was wrong. Please be magnanimous as the bigger person and not stress the details with the lowly me.”

Xue Xue made an ‘uh huh’ sound as a response.

The system was really so angry that its teeth hurt, but with no form, it didn’t even have the ability to express this anger. It could only resign itself to its fate as it sent Xue Xue the background of the world and the wishes of the requester.

In this world, she was called Xue Ying.

She was an 18th line actress¹ and an avid fan of the Film Emperor Ye Qingchen. It could be said that, at the time, Xue Ying only entered the entertainment circle because of Ye Qingchen.

¹TN: Not a very known actress, tepid in fame.

So when she accidentally found out that someone was going to send a woman onto Ye Qingchen’s bed, Xue Ying recommended herself without any morals.

Then she got her wish and rolled in the bedsheets with Ye Qingchen.

The important point was that after rolling in the bedsheets, the sober Ye Qingchen was very angry, because this was a very obvious badger game. Even though Xue Ying repeatedly guaranteed that she held no malice, with his suspicious nature, different from the Ye Qingchen that appeared gentle and refined on television, Ye Qingchen still dealt a ruthless hand towards her.

He found several men and had Xue Ying gang-raped.

Furthermore, he watched the film throughout the process, as evidence that he could use to threaten Xue Ying.

If Xue Ying knew her place, then she would be fine. However, if she had any unnecessary ideas, then he would not be merciful.

In the end, Xue Ying couldn’t bear with this fact and committed suicide after spending a month in the hospital.

Xue Xue: “That’s how it ends? Are you sure that Ye Qingchen was just a villain and not psychotic?”

System: “What ended was only Xue Ying’s life, but this world still kept going. Ye Qingchen’s life continued, you just keep on watching.”

The system had already said this much. Xue Xue could only be patient and continue to accept the plot after Xue Ying’s death.

Xue Ying’s death did not create too much of a wave in Ye Qingchen’s life, because soon after, he met the love of his life. She was a 19-year-old girl named Lin Tong. Because her popularity boomed from her entering a talent show, she was settled upon as the female lead by Ye Qingchen, who played as the male lead, of that year’s big martial arts drama “Cang Mang²”.

²TN: It means without boundaries. The drama would be named “Boundless” in English.

Lin Tong was your typical inspirational character. She grew up in poverty and came out to work since junior high to help her family pay back debts. Later, she participated in the talent show because of a fateful chance. Because of her beautiful outer appearance along with her natural and unrestrained behavior, she won over a large number of fans with her unpretentious character. Thus began her journey in the entertainment circle.

The two met because of “Cang Mang”, and Ye Qingchen was quickly attracted to the lively Lin Tong who was like a little sun.

He took care of her, elevated her, and smoothed out all obstacles for her.

Under the protective escort of Ye Qingchen, Lin Tong came through as that year’s top Film Empress when she was just 24 years old.

In the same year, her love affair with one of the fresh newcomers in the new generation, a mixed-race male model named Xu Jiawei, was also put out on the table.

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